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Certification of Clinical Excellence (CCE)

Now accepting applications for evaluations starting Quarter 2 of 2023

Only 20 clinics will be assessed each quarter
Individual certifications are not limited



The Certification of Clinical Excellence (CCE) was developed by a BCBA, educator, and consultant as a way to encourage high clinical standards across the field of ABA by utilizing the 5 pillars of excellence:

  • Supervision

  • Assessment & Report Writing

  • Staff Management

  • Parent Engagement

  • Ethics

This certification does not just evaluate the current practices of a clinic, but provides the resources and training as part of the requirements in order to ensure excellence and continuity across all certificate holders.


Our mission with the CCE is to advance our field by improving the standards across ABA therapy providers to provide effective and ethical services with qualified staff. 



The requirements to be eligible to be evaluated for the Certification of Clinical Excellence (CCE) as well as the requirements to obtain your Certification are below. Please explore the F.A.Q. section for more information.

Evaluation Requirements:

  • Clinical Excellence Program

    • Complete the Resource Training​

    • At least 50% of your supervising staff (BCBA's/ BCaBA's) including ALL clinical leaders (e.g. BCBA Clinical Directors) complete the CEU trainings for all 5 pillars

  • All direct therapy staff that have been employed for 3 months or longer should be RBT certified (or its equivalent) ​

  • At least 3 clients

  • Have been in business for at least 6 months

*Note that there is no staff number or location requirements. This certification can be obtained by individual providers, small companies, and organizations from around the world.

Earning & Maintaining Certification Requirements:

  • Re-apply for certification every 2 years

  • Score at least 85% on a survey on each of the 5 pillars of excellence. Example survey items include:

    • Description of supervision structure and content​

    • Survey of RBT job satisfaction

    • Demonstration of staff reinforcement system

    • Providing a sample of parent training and progress

    • Explanation of assessment methods and report examples

  • Successful leader interview with the evaluator reviewing the company and discussing any deficits identified from the survey​

  • Unanimous agreement to issue the Certification of Clinical Excellence by the certification board



Individual Requirements

The I-CCE is the individual variation of the organizational certification. This certification allows an individual to demonstrate successful completion of the Individual Clinical Excellence Program and the qualities desired in the 5 pillars of excellence.

To receive your Individual Certification of Clinical Excellence, you must complete the Individual Certification of Clinical Excellence Program and pass the exam following completion. For more information, fill out the application at the bottom of this page.


We have created a checklist to help you get ready for the Certification in Clinical Excellence (CCE) evaluation. If you are following the Clinical Excellence program, you likely meet all of the requirements, but using all materials from the program is not necessary.


If you are just starting the program or have implemented your own systems, please follow this checklist to make sure you have the best chance of passing the evaluation!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the Contact form if you have additional questions

Does purchasing the Clinical Excellence Program automatically give me the Certification of Clinical Excellence? No. Purchasing the Clinical Excellence Program does not automatically allow you access to the Certification of Clinical Excellence, but it provides you with the training and resources to be able to earn it if implemented.

I think I should already qualify for the Certification of Clinical Excellence. Do I still need to buy the Clinic Excellence Program? Yes. Unlike other certification or accreditations available for our field, we bypass the hours of interviews and evaluations by giving you all the trainings and tools you need to demonstrate excellence. You do not have to use the tools exactly as they are, you can use something else or modify the tools you are given, but it gives you the training and framework to be successful. The $3,000 evaluation for this certification is given FOR FREE when you purchase the Clinical Excellence Program. We would hate for a company to pay $3,000 and fail the evaluation due to not having the tools and training they need.

How does this certification compare to the BHCOE? This certification is very different from the BHCOE. The BHCOE encompasses the big picture of all areas and procedures of your organization while our certification focuses on the smaller pieces that ensure you have satisfied and qualified staff, meaningful collaboration with parents, and engage in behaviors that lead to high-quality services. To do this we make sure you have the right training and resources FIRST, before applying for certification. The BHCOE is a great process to go through to evaluate your company and potentially add to your accolades, but we all probably know of organizations that are BHCOE accredited yet still have unhappy staff and focus more on quantity over quality. We believe a big part of this mismatch is due to checking skills vs training skills, which we aim to correct with our certification.

Is there research to show that this certification will improve my company? Not yet. This certification is new and only being offered to a reduced number of applicants for that reason. Over the course of the next few years, we will take data on company performance for those that receive this certification to determine how it impacts client retention, staff retention, insurance denials, and more. As this information is acquired it will be released publicly.

How long is my certification good for? Currently, certifications are good for 2 years. After that you will have to be re-evaluated to make sure your company is still meeting the standards of clinical excellence.

What happens if I fail my evaluation? If you fail, you will receive detailed feedback about what you need to improve in order to pass. After a brief waiting period, you can apply to be re-evaluated again for a discounted re-evaluation fee.

Who is on the certification board? The certification board that votes on issuing certifications based on the evaluation include 5 BCBA's, each on specializing in one of the pillars of excellence (Supervision, Staff Management, Parent Engagement, Assessment & Report Writing, and Ethics). All company names remain anonymous to the board to avoid unintended biases.


Apply now to take the first step towards Clinical Excellence Certification

Space is limited to 20 company evaluations per quarter, sign up now for quarter 2 of 2023 to reserve your spot!

Individual certification are NOT limited

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