Supervision Curriculum (for supervisors)

Save hours of your time by using this online structured curriculum so you can focus on supervision!

What do you get?

  • Structured curriculum created by experience BCBA and Florida Institute of Technology co-instructor, Melissa Druskis

    • The curriculum is regularly updated to meet BACB standards and task list requirements

    • Covers all areas of the task list

  • A variety of learning materials are used including videos, conference archives, case studies, journal articles, and book chapters

  • Written assignments will be sent to you via email in a supervision note with correct answers (when applicable)

  • Allow your supervisees to get more indirect hours with client-related assignments

  • Client assignments allow you to test their skills with their clients via video recording or in person

  • Access to group supervision and study meetings 

    • These are optional and offered at current group supervision rate to the supervisee​

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All packages include:

Unique account for each supervisee

Ability to transfer account to new supervisees

Online access to units and unit materials

Access to group meetings and study groups

FREE supervisor account

Up to 3 supervisee accounts

Contact me if you need access for more than 3 supervisees​

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3 Month

$140/ 3 months

Save $40/yr

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6 Month

$250/ 6 months

Save $100/yr

Automatically charged every 6 months

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