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Become a BCBA or BCaBA with supervision from ABC Behavior Training!

effective, ethical, and supportive 

College Students

Supervision Cohorts

Get training from the leaders in distance BCBA/BCaBA supervision!

Our 3-month cohorts follow a structured curriculum to teach you the tasklist, give you opportunities to apply your skills, and earn MORE UNRESTRICTED HOURS!

Each cohort includes:

  • 6.5 Supervision Hours per month (for the max of 130 fieldwork hours)

    • 3 group supervision meetings per month

    • 1 live individual meeting per month

    • 2.5 assignment review hours per month

    • Covers 130 hrs supervised fieldwork or 65 hrs concentrated fieldwork​​

  • Monthly client assignments​

  • Access to The Supervision Curriculum online resources

  • Hour tracking tools

  • Mini Mock exam at the end of each cohort




You know you need to be competent in ALL areas of the tasklist to

  • Pass the BACB exam

  • Get a BCBA/BCaBA job

  • Be successful as a future clinician


But supervisors at work

...are TOO BUSY

...want you to sign MULTI-YEAR contracts

OR you don't even have BCBA supervisors at work!



Let me tell you, you're not alone!

I have been there! In 2014, I was a supervisee from a different field (speech language pathology) struggling to find a distance supervisor that could teach me what I needed to know!

As a BCBA, I wanted to do things differently! It took me over 5 YEARS to create the structure, content, and resources I use in my supervision curriculum. And our NEW cohort structure gives you a group of peers to discuss, collaborate, and learn from.

Our supervision curriculum has been proven to...

Give you the tools and training to become competent clinicians by the end of superivison

Provide unlimited, high-quality support from experienced BCBA's who are passionate about supervision.

Improve your chances of passing the BACB exam

with pass rates of over 95% on test-takers that completed at least 75% of their hours from ABC Behavior Training.

Join the MULTITUDE of supervisees from all over the world that chose ABC Behavior Training for their supervision needs!


STOP begging for unrestricted assignments


STOP wondering if you will get enough supervision hours


STOP worrying about when you'll learn BCBA skills



Why learn from me?

Hi, I'm Melissa Druskis, and for the last 7 years I've been providing supervision to BCBA/BCaBA students and creating resources and tools to make the remote supervision process more EFFECTIVE, ETHICAL, and SUPPORTIVE! I've even taken these tools and created a 3-Book Set of my Supervision Curriculum to help other BCBA's provide high-quality supervision and replicate this PROVEN system with all of their supervisees.

In fact, over this time, I've helped hundreds of clinicians and supervisees achieve their professional and educational goals including

  • Passing the BACB exam and becoming confident clinicians

  • Starting their own business in providing high-quality supervision

  • Training supervisees all over the world to be competent clinicians

M Druskis Picture2_edited.png

Supervision Sections
each section is attended as a 3-month cohort

Section 1: Foundation & Measurement Essentials

If you're brand new to supervision, START HERE! We will cover the basic concepts of ABA, how to collect and graph data, and the basics of how we change behavior.

Section 3: Intermediate Concepts & Analysis

In section 3 we cover the preliminary skills needed to understand and prep for assessments and programming. This includes experiential analysis, verbal behavior, ethics, preference assessments, and more.

Section 2: Behavior Change Fundamentals

This section will move onto intermediate topics including reinforcement, punishment, motivating operations, and an overview of the functions of behavior as well as some other relevant topics.

Section 4: Assessment & Report Writing Mastery

This is an advanced cohort for experienced supervisees. We will look at different assessment methods and learn how to write client programs and reports. We will cover the main ABA assessments and advanced behavior change concepts.

Section 5: Behavior Reduction & Advanced Topics

We wrap up your structured supervision experience by covering behavior intervention plans, functional analysis, decreasing challenging behaviors, supervision, and parent training.

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Apply Now

The Process:

  1. Submit your application

  2. Set up a free info meeting here (optional)

  3. Receive approval or request for more info within 48 hours

  4. Upon approval, paperwork and payments will be submitted BEFORE beginning supervision

The Cost:

3-month cohort with 6.5 hours of supervision per month (based on attendance and assignment completion)


​There are TWO payment options:

  1. Payment Plan

    • $1,500 divided into 6 payments of $250

    • First payment due before supervision, then an automatic draft will occur on the 1st and 15th of every month of the cohort​

  2. Pay in full to save!!! ​

    • One payment of $1,300 due before supervision​ (SAVE $200)

Reserve your spot TODAY!

Apply Now

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