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Parenting Science Institute

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Parenting Science Coaching Certification


Explore the forefront of modern parenting science with our innovative coaching program at the Parenting Science Institute (PSI). Through a meticulously crafted curriculum, we offer a dynamic blend of research-driven insights and practical strategies to empower you as a confident and informed parent coach.​


1 year program starting June 3rd 2024

Over 100 hours of content

Includes mentorship and capstone project

*Your access never expires

Perfect for:

  • Aspiring parent coaches who are passionate about supporting parents and families and are seeking a structured training program to become certified parent coaches.

  • Professionals in related fields such as behavior analysis, speech therapy,  psychology, or education, or healthcare who wish to expand their skill set and offer parent coaching services or transition to a new career path.

  • Parents and caregivers who want to deepen their understanding of child development, enhance their parenting skills, and gain valuable insights to navigate the challenges of raising children.

Are you ready to pivot your skills to parent coaching?

Shouldn't we be helping more people?

In my first class at Florida Institute of Technology's ABA program, Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz spoke about B.F. Skinner's wish to "save the world" with ABA. This first lecture sparked a passion in me for the field of behavioral science and an optimism that we truly could save the world, or at least make a big impact, with ABA. But what happens when you finish your coursework, your supervision hours, and pass the exam? You find that the majority of jobs out there are caseload supervision of ABA therapy for children with autism and there is no structured path if you had plans to use your expansive knowledge in another area.

This realization was disheartening to me. I really enjoyed working with kids with autism and it is very important and meaningful work, but BCBA burnout eventually happens and you're left wondering what else can you do with this education that was meant to save the world. I have put in years of work increasing my knowledge in other fields and laying a path for myself and other BCBA's to follow in order to work with a wider population, and now we are doing the same with our most expansive program to date with the Parenting Science Institute's Parenting Science Coaching Certification.

This training is not just for BCBA's, but as a behavior analyst, you have a unique set of skills to be highly effective at parent coaching. You have experience working with parents and providing education on behavioral concepts, but that is only a piece of the puzzle. This program not only covers parenting from a behavioral perspective but includes training in:

  • Neuroscience

  • Trauma

  • Attachment Theory

  • Psychology

  • Child Development

Parent Coaching is part of the $1.9 billion personal-coaching industry

On average, entry-level coaches charge $100-$200 per hour while experienced coaches charge up to $600 per hour

(from the National Coach Academy)

Parenting Science Institute Curriculum

Join anytime to access the recordings from each live course

Section 1

Foundations of Parenting Science

Our first section will cover the foundations of parenting science across multiple disiplines including behavioral science, neuroscience, and psychology as well as look at typical child development patterns.


Section 3

Navigating Complex Parenting

This section will explore more complex and specialized areas of parenting, including parenting through transitions, discipline, parenting children with mental health diagnoses, and reducing parental stress and burnout.

Image by Anthony Tran

Section 2

Practical Parenting Strategies

These courses will teach you how to address everyday parenting struggles that are most common with evidence-based strategies that can be easily implemented through your parent coaching sessions.

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

Section 4

Coaching Foundations and Skills Development

Our final section will focus on the skills needed to be an effective coach, including building rapport, empathetic communication skills, coaching models and techniques and how to manage your own stress and self-care.

Parent Coach 1.png


Capstone and Mentorship

Following the coursework, you will complete a capstone project and mentorship as you begin working with parents as a parent coach. This additional time will allow you to gain confidence and competency while under the guidance of an experience mentor.

Boss Mug
Image by Brooke Lark

Live Meetings

Live Meetings

  • Every Monday at 9:30pm CST

  • Starting June 3rd, 2024

  • 2- Week breaks between sessions and holidays off

Live Q&A's

  • Once a week live Q&A

  • Variable times each week to ensure you can make a meeting

Recordings will be available of all meetings

Meet the CEO and Founder:
Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA

Hello, I'm Melissa Druskis, the founder and CEO of the Parenting Science Institute (PSI). With a decade of experience as a behavior analyst, coupled with my background in neuroscience, trauma-informed parent coaching, and ongoing studies in social work, I'm committed to revolutionizing the way we approach parenting education and support.

Before my journey as a behavior analyst, I spent six years in the world of pediatric speech and language delays and disorders as a speech-language pathologist assistant. However, it was my fascination with neuroscience and research that led me to pursue a Master's degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience.


Finding ways to apply hard science to everyday issues was my passion, so when I found the field of behavior analysis I was hooked. 

Being able to create meaningful change in people's lives by using the science of behavior was powerful, but I found myself in a job that didn't utilize my skills and passion to it's fullest and left me burnt out and overworked. I wanted to save the world with ABA, but instead, I was working with a very specific population dealing with the frustrations of working at a profit-driven company in a quality-driven field.

I found an outlet for my passion as with my first company, ABC Behavior Training, where I could share my knowledge of ABA and neuroscience and create valuable trainings and resources for fellow professionals. However, I encountered countless behavior analysts who, like myself, yearned to make a more significant impact on the world but lacked the guidance and direction to do so.

My enthusiasm for ABA was boundless, to the extent that I approached parent training sessions as a BCBA with the expectation that parents would and should listen to me because I was the expert. My perspective shifted dramatically when I became a parent myself. Suddenly, the theories and techniques I had employed with confidence in my professional life were put to the test in the context of motherhood. I knew all the "right" things to do, yet when I tried to implement them with my own child it was stressful, unsuccessful, and often led to tears (usually just mine). This humbling experience led me to seek further education and personal growth, exploring disciplines such as psychology, child development, attachment theory, and trauma-informed coaching. 

82% of parents show symptoms of parental burnout

If parenting is hard for us, then imagine how hard it is for parents who do not have the experience or education in child development, psychology, and behavioral science. Parents crave evidence-based support and assurance that they are doing the right things for their children.


I now have two daughters (a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old) I embrace the beautiful chaos of parenthood with open arms. While I strive to be the best parent I can be, I recognize that perfection is an unattainable standard. Instead, I celebrate my imperfections, understanding that they are an integral part of the parenting journey. I have the tools to manage daily struggles, as well as the more serious issues, using information from a variety of science-based disciplines. Yet I also the grace to give myself a break when things do not go perfectly.

Now, I'm dedicated to supporting other parents on their journey, helping them find joy and fulfillment amidst the inevitable struggles of raising children.

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our mission

The creation of the Parenting Science Institute and our one-year coaching certification program is the culmination of my passion and expertise. Our mission is threefold:

  1. To empower behavior analysts, professionals from other fields, and stay-at-home parents to achieve greater independence and financial freedom while making a positive impact on families' lives.

  2. To equip parents with evidence-based education and support, fostering stronger relationships with their children and promoting their emotional well-being.

  3. And ultimately, to harness the power of ABA and related sciences to transform the lives of parents and children, one family at a time.

Join us at PSI, where science meets compassion, and together, let's embark on a journey to redefine parenting education and support for generations to come.

Content & Value

The Parenting Science Coaching Certification is more then an online course...

28 Live Course Lectures

Graduate level course content to train you to become a competent and confident parent coach. Recording access available for all lectures.

Value $2,800

30 Live Q&A Meetings

Join with your fellow students to get your questions answered by the instructor. Live meetings will occur at various times to ensure you can attend.

Value $3,000

Study Guide Workbooks

Each lecture comes with a study guide workbook that follows the lecture to allow you to take notes and engage with the content on a meaningful level.

Value $700

Parent Coaching Resources

Handouts, worksheets, checklists, assessments, and more will be provided with each lecture to allow you to apply what you learn to your work.

Value $1,500

Coaching Starter Pack

Get the resources and tools you need to start your career as a parent coach with contract templates, intake templates, scheduling guides, and more.

Value $500

Individualized Assignment Feedback

Receive individualized feedback on your section assignment by your mentor.

Value $800

Over 100 Hours of Supplementary Material

Addition resources include reading lists, journal articles, videos, podcasts, and more to increase your learning and experience.

Value $1000

Capstone Project Mentor

At the end of your coursework, you will complete a capstone project and receive 1:1 guidance and feedback from your mentor.

Value $1,800

Supervised Practiculm

Before receiving your certification, you will have the opportunity to complete practicum hours to practice your parent coaching skills with supervision from your mentor.

Value $2,500

Coaching Practice Opportunities

Through our community of students you can coordinate coaching practice opportunities to practice your skill with other professionals.

Value Priceless

Joyful Parenting

While you will be learning this material to help others, you will greatly benefit from this training in your own parenting leading to a happier, less stressful parenting experience and healthier and happier children.

Value Priceless

Parenting Science Coach Certification

Once all coursework, assignments, capstone project, and practicum hours are completed with accuracy you will be issued your Parenting Science Coaching Certification.

Value Priceless

BONUS Business Library

Learn how to start you business with courses and materials for marketing, business creation, social media engagement, and more.

Value $750

BONUS Technology Masterclasses

Get access to 6 technology how-to masterclass courses to set you up for success. Masterclass courses include how-to topics for website design, podcasts, course creation, designing in Canva, automation, and smart content creation.

Value $1,200

Partnership Options

Once you are certified, you will have the option to apply to be a partner with PSI. This will include being listed as a preferred coach on our website, landing page set up, scheduling software, marketing material, and an entire business suit.

Option to apply for after certification

Content valued at OVER

...But don't worry, that's not your cost!


plus enjoy our pre-launch pricing

 Value      $18,050

 Regular Price    $6,900

 YOUR Price    $4,900

Pricing Plans Available



Taking Meeting Notes

Are you ready to change lives?

Parent coaching is more needed now than ever...

  • Parents are experiencing burnout

  • Children are experiencing increased anxiety and depression

  • Mental health is an ever-growing concern with not enough resources to serve everyone

As a graduate of our program, you'll be uniquely positioned to offer invaluable guidance and support to parents seeking to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with confidence and clarity.

Join us in our mission to empower parents, strengthen families, and create a brighter future for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference—one family at a time. Enroll now and be part of something truly transformative.


"I've taken many online CEUs and Melissa is the best, most detailed presenter I have ever studied with."

BCBA feedback from student of multiple Masterclass Courses

Image by krakenimages

Brand Partner Coach

Guarantee your coaching success by adding the Brand Partner Coach opportunity to your program! Work with PSI, using our brand power, marketing materials, and support to start seeing your own clients for profit after completing the first 2 sections of the certification program.

Financial Freedom

As an independent contractor with Parenting Science Institute, you get to set your own hourly rate between $125-$250 per session with a 70/30 split with PSI (you get 70%). We will handle all payments, coaching contracts, and payout your profits to you every week!

Marketing Package

You will receive customized business cards (qty 100) with a QR code to your personalized landing page as well as rack cards (qty 250) to pass out when marketing to doctors' offices, daycares, and in the community. Plus get complete scripts and presentation material to market your services to the community.

24/7 Support

Get ongoing support as a parent coach with unlimited access to master coaches, a community forum to ask questions and share ideas, and monthly Q&A's with the founder of PSI. Plus get access to all of PSI's parent coaching materials and handouts to use in your sessions.

Tech Setup

Are you worried about the tech experience required to set up your own company? We will set up your landing page, professional email, and scheduling software all within the PSI website where you will be listed as one of our qualified coaches.

Parenting Science Coaching Workbook with handouts and worksheets to use with your 1:1 clients
Permission to use the business IP when acting as an independent contractor for PSI
Business branding, logo, and graphic pack
Access to a comprehensive business training suite with over 10 hours of content
Professional fully branded personalized PSI landing page
Website hosting and custom domain path
Custom branded email addess and account
Professional scheduling system
Email marketing system
Professional digital brochure for marketing via email
Professional printed marketing material
Customized business cards
Dedicated in-house tech support
Monthly group support call with a master coach

Valued at $32,430!!!

Add this to your certification for only $1,289 (reg. $2,579)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already a BCBA with experience in parent training. Why can't I just go out and be a parent coach right now? You can, but the education and parent training experience we get as BCBA's is very limited to our field. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that is vital to child development and parenting from a variety of scientific fields. This program will give you that knowledge.

Do you offer ICF (Internal Coaching Federation) Certification? No, the ICF Certification is focused on life and business coaching. While it is a great resource for coaches, parent coaching is unique from life coaching and business coaching in it's need for a strong science foundation.

What is the duration of the program? The course contains 4 sections with 7 weeks of content each section. Including between session breaks and holidays, this will take approximately 8 months. After this time you will have a capstone project and practicum, which may take 3-4 months but it is self-paced.

Where will I find parents to work with? You can use friends, family members, reach out on social media, or utilize our community to find people to practice with. There are parents everywhere that could benefit from parent coaching.

What if I can't attend the live meetings? That is ok! The recordings will be available within a few days of the live event.

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund? Refunds are available before the program starts, but once you have access to the content, refunds are unavailable.

Why should I choose PSI over other programs? The Parenting Science Institute is unique in it's use of the science from multiple disiplines to inform our parent coaching practices. We are soley focused on parent coaching with a more in-depth curriculum then other programs that cost more money and offer less content.


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