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Distance BCBA/BCaBA Supervision

Congratulations! You've taken the first step to your career as a BCBA or BCaBA. Whether you want to work in schools, own an ABA clinic, or focus on helping companies through the use of OBM, finding a supervisor that can help you meet your goals is of utmost importance.

What to expect from us

You will receive regular one on one meetings with a supervisor that has been matched to you based on  their background and work setting experience. You also have the support of a team of BCBA's that have backgrounds in research, school settings, clinical directors or business owners, parent consultation, and more. Each month you will get to learn from them during your group supervision meetings, as well as learn from other students from around the world. And the mentorship doesn't end after your supervision experience. We can provide assistance and guidance as your enter the field as a practicing BCBA or BCaBA as well.

What we expect from you

Our goal is to provide quality supervision and education to as many ABA practitioners as possible, but you must meet certain requirements:


  • Reliable computer, internet access, webcam, and microphone.

  • Gmail account

  • Device to record therapy sessions (phone is fine for this)


  • Access to at least 1 clients that would benefit from ABA services

  • Permission to record at least 15 minutes of your therapy sessions for some of your clients (I will provide permission forms)


State Requirements: You are responsible to for identifying if this program meets your state licensure and regulatory requirements. 

The Content

Section 1

Foundational Concepts & Basics of Measurements

  • Dimensions of ABA

  • Measurement & Data Collection

  • Philosophy of ABA

  • Respondent & Operant Behavior

  • Analyzing Scientific Articles

  • Graphing & Analyzing Data

  • ABA in the Education System

Section 2

Behavior Change Basics

  • History of ABA Service Delivery

  • Basics of Behavior Change

  • Functions of Behavior

  • Reinforcement & Punishment

  • Preference Assessments

  • Motivating Operations

  • Schedules of Reinforcement

  • Ethics I

Section 3

Assessment & Report Writing

  • Experimental Analysis

  • Assessment Prep & Parent Interview

  • Verbal Behavior

  • Assessment: VB Mapp & ABLLS-R

  • Assessment: AFLS & More

  • Basic Program Implementation

  • Report Writing

Section 4

Decreasing Behavior & Advanced Topics

  • Advanced Program Implementation

  • Advanced Behavior Change

  • Decreasing Challenging Behavior

  • Functional Analysis

  • Writing a BIP

  • Parent Training & Collaboration

  • Supervision

  • Ethics II

Required materials:

Interested in starting supervision?

If approved, you could start in as soon as one week

Supervision Packages


  • 4 live meetings per month

    • 2 individual meetings​

    • 2 group meetings

  • Unlimited email communication with your supervisor​

  • Video and assignment review


  • Up to 130 hrs per month​

    • Including restricted, unrestricted and supervision hours.​

$437.50 per month

6.5 hrs total


  • 3 live meetings per month

    • 1 individual meetings​

    • 2 group meetings

  • Unlimited email communication with your supervisor​

  • Video and assignment review


  • Up to 80 hrs per month

    • Including restricted, unrestricted and supervision hours.​​

$250 per month

4 hrs total



  • Discounted access to online supervision curriculum, materials, and test prep​

  • Personalized supervision experience

  • Access to a team of accomplished BCBA's

  • Flexible payment options

  • Replace group with additional individual supervision for $50 more per month

Itemized costs:

$75/hr for individual supervision

$50/hr for group supervision

Online supervision curriculum $75/month (reg. $99/m)

Need more information?

Schedule a 15-minute meeting

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