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Supervisor Masterclass

Take your prep time for providing quality supervision from hours to seconds!

This Masterclass is for BCBA supervisors who are juggling their caseloads, paperwork, AND providing effective supervision to BCBA/BCaBA supervisees. The Supervisor Masterclass gives you the training and tools in 4 practical modules to provide high-quality supervision in half the time with zero effort that you can put in place TODAY!

The Supervisor Masterclass helps you provide HIGH-QUALITY supervision in

half the time and effort!

You know you should be growing the skills of your supervisees beyond their existing job as a behavior tech or teacher!

But every time you sit down to plan and pull resources


  • You have to supervise your clients

  • You have reports due

  • You have parent meetings

  • You have a LIFE


Let me tell you, you're not alone!

I have been there! Managing inflated caseloads while trying to train students to become effective BCBA's is TIME-CONSUMING.

It took me over 5 YEARS to create the structure and resources I'm going to share with you in the Supervisor Masterclass, but when I finally did it, my life changed!​

Saved me TONS of time 

-Serve my clients better

-Pick up more supervisees

-Spend time with my family

Increased my income

More time >> More supervisees

More time >> More clients

Improved my productivity

**less paperwork**

**less planning**

**less researching**

Join the THOUSANDS of clinicians that benefit from the tools I created to provide supervision that gives you the resources to


Grow your supervisees skills


Assess their competencies


Spend almost no time planning your supervision


I wish these tools where around when I was in supervision!

*Feedback solicited from similar products and CEU's


Why learn from me?

Hi, I'm Melissa Druskis, and for the last 7 years I've been creating resources to help BCBA's like you provide high-quality supervision in less time by giving YOU the tools, structure, and knowledge you need to replicate a PROVEN system with all of your supervisees.

In fact, this year alone I've helped hundreds of clinicians get these great results:

  • Maximize their time by utilizing the supervision tools I've created​

  • Become confident in providing supervision for the first time

  • Increase their income by taking paid supervision clients

But it wasn't always this way.

I used to struggle with managing my time and figuring out how to tackle the whole task list in my supervision. I tried to have different plans for each supervisee or just focus on what they're doing with their daily clients, but it wasn't until I cracked the code to have a structured method for training and assessing their skills that everything changed.

I've since gone on to build my remote supervision business to train over 100+ supervises from all over the world and feel relieved that I don't have to reinvent the wheel for each supervisee while giving them a quality experience. 


That's why I'm so passionate about helping you achieve your goal of providing AMAZING supervision through the power of the Supervision Masterclass. 

M Druskis Picture2_edited.png

What do you get?

Module: Making a Plan


Learn the BACB requirements and how to create a structure and content that you can use with all of your supervises while still making your supervision individualized.

Module: Ethics


Learn the ethics about BACB supervision and how to ensure you are following them in your supervision practices.

Module: Assessing Competencies


Learn how to assess your supervisees clinical and foundational skills to ensure they will leave as competent clinicians that can pass the exam!

Module: Technology and Tools 


Learn which tools to use to provide effective supervision and feedback in-person or remotely while ensuring compliance with the BACB requirements.


3.0 Supervision CEU's + 1.0 Ethics CEU ($100 value)

Supervision Structure Worksheets ($57 value)

Skill Assessment Rubrics ($97 value)

Supervision Tools Flowchart ($27 value)

Better supervision with LESS effort (PRICELESS)

Only $97 including content EXCLUSIVE to this workshop!
Limited time pricing!

All material is recorded with unlimited access that DOES NOT expire


Supervision Entrepreneur Workshop


Learn how to turn your supervision skills into a part-time or full-fledged business give you more income, schedule flexibility, and reputability. This workshop will cover business creation, marketing, and structuring and growing your business from one supervisee to a full-time job. Each section will include actionable items for you to complete with your own business and plan your future of INDEPENDENCE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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