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5 Best Halloween Costumes for ABA

Halloween is just around the corner! If you're a BCBA, BCaBA, RBT, or just LOVE ABA, you've got to check out these top 5 costumes for the field of ABA!

...Be sure to check out my favorite group costume at the end.

Pavlov's Dog

This one is SO easy...Dog ears + bell (and some drooling) = the perfect ABA costume!


Token Board

I could not find a picture of this costume anywhere, so if you make this costume, please post it online somewhere. I think this could be the easiest and most interactive costume of the group.

Strap on some poster board, add some boxes and velcro, then make some heavy-duty tokens with velcro that can be removed. Hand them out to people and let them reinforce your behavior by smacking the tokens back on your costume, or hand them out as reinforcement! We make token boards all the time, this is the same thing, just much much bigger!


A Clicker

Again, no picture for this one. Are behavior analyst's slacking on their creative costumes? And DO NOT Google "Halloween clicker costume" unless you want to have nightmares for days.

My thought... strap two curved pieces of poster board (one in front, one in back), add some numbers, and tape on a flap for the clicker part. This will definitely be one of the most unique costumes on the block and everyone not in ABA will be very confused guessing.


B.F. Skinner

You won't be finding this costume at Spirit, but a tweed jacket, black rim glasses, a white wig, and a copy of your favorite Skinner book and you're all set! Better make sure you can talk the talk and not just walk the walk.


And my FAVORITE for a group costume...

A Graph

White shirts and a marker or colored tape and you're ready to go. Just make sure you all stand in the right place or you're data will not be publishable! Bonus points for axis labels!

Share your BEST behavior analytic related costume on my social media pages! I can't wait to see them!


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