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Session Notebooks

If you want to be able to see what your clients are doing and easily engage with your techs while still being able to take effective session notes, it's time to add these notebooks to your work bag.


Use one of these thin notebooks for each client and be able to take quick, effective notes while still being able to participate in the session. And BONUS TIME... they also come with supervision note pages to take structured tech performance notes!

Why do you need this TODAY?

How many times has your supervision session flown by with your head buried in your computer?

It's ok... I've been there too!

But, introducing these notebooks to your supervision routine can help with:

Pick your set

Get one notebook for each client!

Each 10-book set comes with individualized, slim notebooks that can fit easily into your purse or workbag. With enough client note sheets for at least 3 months worth of supervision! 

BONUS: Supervision notes are included in every notebook to keep track of your techs performance and skills.

Session notebook examples in solid and floral cover options.
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