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The perfect match with the Masterclass: Exceptional Supervision


 Stay compliant with BACB requirements! 



Save $$$ by buying the 5th Edition Supervision Package! 


Deposit Balance Sheet 

  • Keep track of your supervisee's balance with this deposit balance sheet. Enter their deposits and all instances of billable supervision. Balance will change from orange to red to black as balance gets low and into the negative.  


5th ed BCBA Experience Hours Tracking

  • Unique tracking system for BCBA's using the BACB 5th ed experience standards. Help your students (or yourself) keep track of their independent and supervision hours for supervised or concentrated fieldwork hours. Built-in formatting to highlight any errors such as too much or too few supervision hours, not enough client observations, not enough supervision %, and more.


5th ed Supervision Note

Word document to keep track of your supervision meetings. Works for remote or in-person supervision, includes all info needed for BACB 5th edition Experience Standards.


5th ed Competency Evaluation

  • Use this competency evaluation to rate your supervisee or have them rate themselves based on the 5th edition task list. This automatically completes a grid of their scores over 4 evaluation periods to monitor their progress over time and pinpoint areas to focus on. Check out a video review here!


Supervision Evaluations

  • Contains TWO evaluations: Supervisee evaluation for the supervisor to objectively evaluate supervisees performance. Supervisor evaluation for the supervisee to evaluate the supervisor and effects of supervision. 
  • Stay compliance with BACB Ethics Code!


Plus two BONUS resources!

  • Supervision Contract
  • 5th to 4th ed Task List Comparison

Supervision Documentation Package



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