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This course is for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in addressing sleep-related challenges. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of sleep disorders, learn practical strategies for conducting sleep assessments, and develop effective behavioral interventions to improve sleep patterns.

Perfect for:

  • Behavior Analysts

  • Pediatricians

  • Child psychologists

  • Other allied health professionals

  • Parents


Pre-Sale (Releases October 2024)


In 6 weeks we will cover


In our first week, we will explore the types and prevalence of sleep disorders, particularly among individuals with developmental disabilities



In our second week, we will learn to conduct thorough sleep assessments using both direct and indirect methods to identify specific sleep issues and underlying causes.



Our third week will focus on creating comprehensive, personalized sleep intervention plans to tailor strategies to meet the needs of each client.



In week four we will focus on the practical aspects of putting sleep interventions into action. Learn data collection methods to monitor progress, evaluate effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.



In our fifth week, we will identify and tackle common obstacles in sleep interventions, such as resistance to change and nighttime awakenings.



As we finish our six-week workshop, we will explore methods to ensure the maintenance and generalization of improved sleep behaviors over time.


ICW: Behavioral Sleep Intervention

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