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Air Date: September 7th, 2022

Presenter: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA

Credit: 1.0 CEU



In our first episode of The Behavior Crew podcast, we'll go over some of the things you can expect from this and future episodes! In this month's topic "ABA Outside the Box", we'll be exploring other career options and fields that we can explore as BCBA's outside of the world of Autism, while still utilizing our knowledge of the science of behavior analysis.


In this episode, we will be talking about several unique career options based on literature from the BACB and research articles in our field.



  • Identify at least two new fields that a BCBA can transition to
  • Understand the previous and current ABA-related research in those fields.
  • Discuss transition planning into new fields as a BCBA

Episode 01: Alternative Careers as a BCBA

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