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Check out the FULL Supervision Curriculum here for big savings!


This curriculum provides supervisors and supervisees with EVERYTHING they need for a full term of supervision for either the 4th OR 5th task list! 



use this as a study guide for passing the BACB Exams!


This 2-book curriculum set includes:

Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: Foundations Workbook

  • 30 specific units which contain:

    • Vocabulary terms

    • Lists of topic-specific materials to review

    • Additional recommended reading

    • Recommended client assignments referring to the ABA Supervision Workbook

    • Journal reviews, podcast reviews, and/or conference reviews

    • Comprehensive assignments to show understanding of the concepts from each unit

    • Feedback summary forms for each unit

  • Final mini-mock exams for each of the 4 sections

  • Task list competency tracker

  • Due date and grade tracker

  • Supervisor evaluation form

  • Access to an online reference tool for easy access to all links mentioned in the book

*add on additional copies for a discounted rate of $400 (original $650)


Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: Supervisor Guide

  • Overview of each unit which includes:

    • Teaching tips

    • Task list item reference for each unit

    • Correct answers for all comprehensive assignments and mini-mock exams

  • Access to an online reference tool for easy access to all links mentioned in the book

  • Supervisee evaluation form


*If you need additional copies of the Supervisor Guide, please contact 


Full Supervision Curriculum F.A.Q.s

Q: I have 3 supervisees, can I just get one curriculum set?

A: You only need one Supervisor Guide, but you will need a copy of the Foundations Workbook and Applied Workbook for each supervisee. Not only will they be writing their answers in the workbooks and you will be putting your grades and feedback in there, but supervisees should retain these materials to use for studying for the exam.


Q: Who should buy this book, the supervisee or the supervisor?

A: Either! This is a great tool for supervisors to purchase and use with their supervisees to make sure they are providing effective and ethical supervision without spending hours searching for resources and creating assignments. However, this can also be purchased by the supervisee if they are seeking more structure to their supervision, need help getting additional restricted hours, or want to use it as a study guide to make sure they pass the BACB exam.


Q: Is this for the 4th or 5th edition task list?

A: This is for BOTH. The 5th edition task list condensed much of the information from the 4th edition into fewer, more general task list items, and expanded some areas (such as ethics). This curriculum covers those additions, but nothing is removed, so supervisees in either task list will not be missing anything.


Q: Why do I need both books, the Foundations Workbook and the Supervisor Guide?

A: The Foundations Workbook is the main book with all of the materials and assignments, but the Supervisor Guide is also needed because it contains the answers. The Guide includes the resource lists, questions and correct answers (but not all multiple choice options), and tips for training the material. This information is best served being in two separate books because the supervisee and the supervisor have different roles in the use of this curriculum and require different tools and information. Together they make a perfect combination for creating the next generation of qualified behavior analysts!


Q: If I already have access to your online supervision curriculum on Canvas, should I still get this book?

A: No, this book includes everything that is in the online curriculum. You could use different formats with different supervisees, but otherwise, you'd only need to access one of the formats.


Q: How does this curriculum compare to others out there? How do I know it's worth it?

A: I  have been providing distance supervision through ABC Behavior Training for over 5 years. This curriculum is a result of years collecting resources, training supervisees from a wide variety of settings from all over the world, teaching graduate students as a co-instructor for an online degree program, and maintaining a >90% pass rate for all supervisees that received at least half of their supervision from ABC Behavior Training (n>50). I created this curriculum because needed something like this and there was nothing else out there. It is the same curriculum that I use today in my supervision, although I use the online version. Other supervision resources out there may provide a lot of text describing the different areas to teach or have simple worksheets or rubrics (all of which are good and have their place), but this curriculum, especially paired with the Applied Workbook, provides a fully structured guide through the field of ABA whether your supervisee is new to the field or has 10+ years experience as an RBT. I'm not re-writing a textbook with everything you've already seen before, I'm giving you the resources to utilize and extensive assignments and practical work for supervisees to practice and demonstrate understand of the concepts and applications of the science of ABA.

Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: Foundations Workbook & Guide

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$486.00Sale Price
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  • Please allow 5-10 business days to process your order, excluding shipping time.

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