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Parent-Assessment of Behavioral Concepts

Are you assessing your client's caregivers?

The Parent-Assessment of Behavioral Concepts (P-ABC) is a standardized assessment to evaluate the conceptual and applied knowledge of the parents and caregivers of children receiving ABA therapy. 

  • 9 Domains

    • Autism​

    • Applied Behavior Analysis

    • Skill Acquisition Concepts

    • Daily Living Skills

    • Verbal Behavior

    • Social Skills

    • Behavior Reduction

    • Behavior Intervention

    • Parent Behavior

  • 107 Items 

    • Criterion-referenced scoring criteria​​

How are you assessing your parent's skills?

Chances are, YOU'RE NOT! Because this is the FIRST assessment to provide you with the opportunity to assess your client's caregivers in a structured and objective manner.

The P-ABC will give you

  • The tools needed to assess new and experienced parents

  • Pre-written goals to follow or customize based on skill deficits

  • A path to follow for your parent training based on their results

  • Evidence of the need for parent training, progress over time, and structured content of your parent training for insurance companies

What's Inside?

Research shows that...

Parents and caregivers of children with autism that received parent training for at least 24 weeks saw:

  • 47.7% decline in tantrums, aggression, and self-injury

  • 55% decline in non-compliance and disruptive behavior

  • And clinicians saw a 68% improvement from baseline

*Data from Bearss et al, 2015


Many clinicians 

  • Don't feel confident providing quality parent training

  • Follow parent training curriculums without individualizing them based on the parents' skills

  • Feel that they are "winging it", jumping from one crisis to the next without teaching important skills in parent meetings

  • Haven't received the training, tools, or direction to get parents involved and engaged sufficiently to impact the clients' progress

Stop guessing!!!

Get the data and direction to back you up

with the Parent-Assessment of Behavioral Concepts (P-ABC)


Skill Tracking

Free downloadable scoring grid to use with the P-ABC to track skills across assessment times.

Masterclass: Parent Training & Assessment

4.5 CEU masterclass covering how to engage with different parenting styles, how to assess parent skills, implementing parent training, and more!


Learn how to administer and score the P-ABC as well as an in-depth review of goal writing and including your results in your reports.

P-ABC Parent Workbook

Get the P-ABC Parent Workbook to teach the items assessed in the P-ABC with parent worksheets, grading rubrics, and more.

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Parent-Assessment of Behavioral Concepts

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Parent-Assessment of Behavioral Concepts

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