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Behavioral Sleep Intervention (8+ BCBA CEUs)

Presented by:

Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA


This course is for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in addressing sleep-related challenges. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of sleep disorders, learn practical strategies for conducting sleep assessments, and develop effective behavioral interventions to improve sleep patterns.

Perfect for:

  • Behavior Analysts

  • Pediatricians

  • Child psychologists

  • Other allied health professionals

  • Parents

Pre-Sale (Releases October 2024)

Sleep is a fundamental component of overall health and well-being, yet many individuals, particularly those with developmental disabilities, struggle with sleep-related issues. As a Behavior Analyst, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to address these challenges can have a profound impact on your client's quality of life.

Why Learn Behavioral Sleep Interventions?

  • Enhance Client Outcomes: Poor sleep can negatively affect behavior, learning, and emotional regulation. By implementing effective sleep interventions, you can help improve your clients' daily functioning and overall quality of life.

  • Address Common Challenges: Sleep problems are prevalent among individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. Learning how to conduct thorough sleep assessments and develop tailored interventions allows you to address a critical, often overlooked area of need.

  • Promote Health: Adequate sleep is essential for physical health, cognitive functioning, and emotional well-being. As a BCBA, integrating sleep interventions into your practice promotes a holistic approach to client care.

  • Increase Your Professional Competence: Mastering behavioral sleep interventions expands your skill set and enhances your professional expertise. This specialized knowledge sets you apart and demonstrates your commitment to providing comprehensive, evidence-based care.

  • Empower Families and Caregivers: Sleep issues often impact entire families. By learning effective sleep interventions, you can provide valuable support and guidance to families, helping them create a more restful and harmonious home environment.

Our Behavioral Sleep Interventions Workshop offers a practical, hands-on approach to learning these essential skills. Through in-depth training and personalized mentorship, you will be equipped to make a lasting difference in your client's lives by addressing one of their most critical needs: quality sleep

Sleeping Like a Baby

can make a change

Through our intensive workshop and mentorship opportunity, you can help your clients and their families achieve meaningful and significant change in their daily lives and STOP the bedtime struggles for good!

Workshop Curriculum

Module 6


As we finish our six-week workshop, we will explore methods to ensure the maintenance and generalization of improved sleep behaviors over time. 

Module 5


In our fifth week, we will identify and tackle common obstacles in sleep interventions, such as resistance to change and nighttime awakenings.

Module 4


In week four we will focus on the practical aspects of putting sleep interventions into action. Learn data collection methods to monitor progress, evaluate effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes.

Module 3


Our third week will focus on creating comprehensive, personalized sleep intervention plans to tailor strategies to meet the needs of each client.

Module 2


In our second week, we will learn to conduct thorough sleep assessments using both direct and indirect methods to identify specific sleep issues and underlying causes.

Module 1


In our first week, we will explore the types and prevalence of sleep disorders, particularly among individuals with developmental disabilities


Sleep Intervention Workbook

This digital workbook is a perfect accompaniment to the workshop.


  • Weekly assignments

  • Client assessments

  • Data sheets

  • Detailed implementation guide

  • Troubleshooting tips

Interactive Community

Our interactive community will allow you to get support and ideas from your colleagues throughout the workshop and beyond!

Monthly Live Q&A

Don't miss out on receiving live support through our monthly  Q&A's.

Competency comes from knowledge and experience.

Competency Mentorship

Getting mentorship for applying your newly learned skills is VITAL to providing high-quality services and ensuring you are competent and confident in your therapy.

Do not miss the opportunity to add on the mentorship option to your workshop purchase!

Includes (over 5 hours of mentorship/ $850 value!):

Individualized feedback for all workshop assignments

3-session video review and feedback on your applied skills

  • Assessment

  • Implementation

  • Parent Training

Live 1:1 meeting to review any questions or concerns

Personalized troubleshooting for any barriers you experience

Certificate of Clinical Competency in Behavioral Sleep Interventions*

Requirements to start mentorship:

  • Completion of the Behavioral Sleep Intervention Workshop

  • Client that would benefit from a sleep intervention program

  • Written consent to record your sessions and share them with your mentor

*Issued upon demonstrating competency in all areas. May require additional meetings if not demonstrated in the time alloted.


This isn't your everyday MASTERCLASS!

Behavioral Sleep Intervention Workshop

8+ CEUs - - - - - valued at $160

Applied Workshop Assignments - - - - - valued at $150

Sleep Assessment & Resources - - - - - valued at $200

Sleep Pattern Data Sheets - - - - - valued at $50

Live Monthly Support - - - - - valued at $300/yr

add on the Intensive Competency Mentorship

5hrs of expert mentorship - - - - - valued at $975

Increase your marketable skills with a Certification of Clinical Competency in Behavioral Sleep Intervention  - - - - - valued at PRICELESS

6-week Behavioral Sleep Intervention Workshop

Valued at over $940... ONLY $399

Intensive Competency Mentorship

Valued at over $975... ONLY $450

Combined savings of over $1,000

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