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BCBA Career Intensive
(20+ BCBA CEUs)

Presented by:

Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA


Over 6 months of intensive support and training, you will bring your career as a BCBA to the next level with increased competency and confidence and ALL areas relevant to your career.

Perfect for:

  • New BCBA's looking to increase their confidence in entering their career

  • Seasoned BCBA's looking to expand their foundational skills through a comprehensive course

  • Clinical Directors and BCBA Leaders looking for ideas to support and motivate their team of clinicians

Are you entering the field with the skills you need?

Breaking the Cycle

In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a troubling cycle has taken root. Our discipline, once filled with scientists and innovators, is struggling to keep up with the demand of ABA therapy with qualified and competent clinicians. No, I'm not talking about RBT, but about BCBA's!

The huge demand for ABA therapy has led to an increased number of BCBA's entering the field, but with a lack of high-quality supervised fieldwork experiences and a lack of support for new BCBA's, our field is struggling to keep up with the professional and ethical principles we set out to achieve. ABC Behavior Training's primary mission is to address this issue at the level of supervision for BCBA candidates, but for those that are already BCBA's, what options are there?

Whether you are a new BCBA, an experienced BCBA, or a leader in the field, the BCBA Career Intensive will help you with

  • Professionalism: Learning how to navigate the business and professionalism side of being a behavior analyst is vital to success in our field. We will go over career options, the do's and don'ts when joining a new company, and soft skills.

  • Ethics: Ethics plays a part in so many facets of our job. We will discuss ethics as it relates to company procedures, clients, and common ethical issues that behavior analysts might face on the job.

  • Staff Management: Behavior analysts get trained in the science of ABA, but not always how to apply these skills with their team and others they have to manage. We will talk about how to manage and support RBT's and provide effective supervision to BCBA candidates.

  • Case Management: Having the conceptual knowledge of common procedures and practices from our coursework doesn't always translate into the complex cases we face on the job. We will cover assessments, report writing, goal writing, program implementation, challenging behaviors, and parent training.


"I've taken many online CEUs and Melissa is the best, most detailed presenter I have ever studied with."

BCBA feedback from student of multiple Masterclass Courses

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Live Meetings

Live CEU's

  • Every other Tuesday at 9:30pm CST

  • Starting January 9th

Live Q&A's

  • Every other Saturday at 9:30pm CST

  • Starting January 20th

Recordings will be available of all meetings

BCBA Career Intensive Curriculum

Join anytime to access the recordings from each live CEU

Month 6

Ethics & Beyond

As we finish our six-month intensive, we will look at common ethical issues you may encounter over your career as well as a look at the field of behavior analysis outside the world of pediatric autism treatment.

Month 5

Programming & Parents

In our fifth month, we will discuss how to write objective goals and select programs to initiate and we will take a look at parent training and buy-in.

Month 4

Assessments & Reports

Our fourth month will focus on the various assessment methods in ABA turning them into detailed reports to demonstrate medical necessity and reduce denials.

Month 3

Soft Skills & Supervision

Our third month will focus on the soft skills needed for our position as BCBA's and how to provide effective and high-quality supervision to BCBA students.

Month 2

Work/Life Balance

In our second month, we will help you achieve a better work/life balance by covering time management for all the tasks you have to juggle and how to motivate and manage your direct therapy staff.

Month 1

The BCBA Career

In our first month, we will look at the different job settings for typical BCBA positions as well as company-related ethics that you may encounter, such as contracts, non-competes, and more.


Supplemental Material

Journal articles and other materials provided to gain greater understanding of each weeks topics.

Worksheets & Handouts

Worksheets and handouts will be provided for each CEU to implement what you've learned in your current job right away!

Live Q&A's

Two live Q&A's will occur each month to get support and feedback from the course leader and colleagues.

Competency comes from knowledge and experience.

6-Month Mentorship

Don't let the mentorship and support end after the career intensive. Get an additional 6 months of additional support through live meetings

Do not miss the opportunity to add on the mentorship option to your workshop purchase!

Includes 6 months of...

Monthly live 1:1 meetings with the course creator

Monthly live group masterminds with a small team of colleagues

Unlimited email support with your mentor

Free BCBA Planner to help you organize your personal and professional life

Requirements to start mentorship:

  • Completion of the BCBA Career Intensive

  • Employment as a BCBA in any setting

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This is MORE than a workshop or CEU!

BCBA Career Intensive

20+ CEUs - - - - - valued at $400

Worksheets and resources - - - - - valued at $500

Handouts and guides - - - - - valued at $200

Live Monthly Support - - - - - valued at $600/yr

add on the 6-month Mentorship

Monthly 1:1 meetings with experienced mentor - - - - - valued at $900

Monthly small-group Mastermind meetings  - - - - - valued at $600

BCBA Planner  - - - - - valued at $75

6-month BCBA Career Intensive

Valued at over $1700... ONLY $450

6-month Mentorship

Valued at over $1575... ONLY $750

Combined savings of over $2,000

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