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The Behavior Analyst Curriculum

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This curriculum provides supervisors and supervisees with EVERYTHING they need for a full term of supervision for either the 4th OR 5th task list! 




use this as a study guide for passing the BACB Exams!

The full curriculum set includes:

Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: Foundations Workbook

  • 30 specific units which contain:

    • Vocabulary terms

    • Lists of topic-specific materials to review

    • Additional recommended reading

    • Recommended client assignments referring to the ABA Supervision Workbook

    • Journal reviews, podcast reviews, and/or conference reviews

    • Comprehensive assignments to show understanding of the concepts from each unit

    • Feedback summary forms for each unit

  • Final mini-mock exams for each of the 4 sections

  • Task list competency tracker

  • Due date and grade tracker

  • Supervisor evaluation form


Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: Applied Workbook

  • 32 unique assignments for supervisees to complete with their clients.

  • Observation tasks to be observed by the supervisor.

  • Written tasks to be submitted to the supervisor to review.

  • Grading rubric to assess competency in each topic.

  • Bonus journal and podcast review template.

  • Resource list of over 15 online sources to help with the supervision process.

Behavior Analyst Supervision Curriculum: The Supervision Guide

  • Overview of each unit which includes:

    • Training/teaching tips

    • Task list item reference for each unit

    • Correct answers for all comprehensive assignments and mini-mock exams

  • Access to an online reference tool for easy access to all links mentioned in the book

  • Supervisee evaluation form

The Content

Section 1

Foundational Concepts & Basics of Measurements

  • Dimensions of ABA

  • Measurement & Data Collection

  • Philosophy of ABA

  • Respondent & Operant Behavior

  • Analyzing Scientific Articles

  • Graphing & Analyzing Data

  • ABA in the Education System

Section 2

Behavior Change Basics

  • History of ABA Service Delivery

  • Basics of Behavior Change

  • Functions of Behavior

  • Reinforcement & Punishment

  • Preference Assessments

  • Motivating Operations

  • Schedules of Reinforcement

  • Ethics I

Section 3

Assessment & Report Writing

  • Experimental Analysis

  • Assessment Prep & Parent Interview

  • Verbal Behavior

  • Assessment: VB Mapp & ABLLS-R

  • Assessment: AFLS & More

  • Basic Program Implementation

  • Report Writing

Section 4

Decreasing Behavior & Advanced Topics

  • Advanced Program Implementation

  • Advanced Behavior Change

  • Decreasing Challenging Behavior

  • Functional Analysis

  • Writing a BIP

  • Parent Training & Collaboration

  • Supervision

  • Ethics II

Required materials:

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