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  • Do you have parents that don't buy-in to your treatment recommendations?
  • Are parents only doing a fraction of the hours you recommend?
  • Are there just some families that you find difficult to work with?
  • Have you given up on parent training...or wish you could?


Parent training can be a challenge for even the most experienced BCBA, but this masterclass will make it EASY!


Presented by: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA

Credit: 4.0 CEUs

When: Available RIGHT NOW!



This masterclass will cover

  • Parental burnout and how it affects your parent training
  • An analysis of different parenting types and how to best work with them
  • How to assess parent ABA skills using structured methods and create individualized goals based on those results
  • How to lead engaging parent meetings that increase buy-in and carrier over of your goals to the home and community


Masterclass: Parent Assessment & Training



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