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This Masterclass is for BCBA supervisors who are juggling their caseloads, paperwork, AND providing effective supervision to BCBA/BCaBA supervisees. The Supervisor Masterclass gives you the training and tools in 4 practical modules to provide high-quality supervision in half the time with zero effort that you can put in place TODAY!


​Module 1: Making a Plan   

Learn the BACB requirements and how to create a structure and content that you can use with all of your supervises while still making your supervision individualized.


Module 2: Ethics   

Learn the ethics about BACB supervision and how to ensure you are following them in your supervision practices.​


Module 3: Assessing Competencies   

Learn how to assess your supervisees clinical and foundational skills to ensure they will leave as competent clinicians that can pass the exam!


Module 4: Technology and Tools   

Learn which tools to use to provide effective supervision and feedback in-person or remotely while ensuring compliance with the BACB requirements.



First Month of Supervision Worksheet

Supervision Planner Worksheet

Competency Check Worksheet

Ethics Remediation Worksheet

Supervision Flowchart Worksheet


Masterclass: Exceptional Supervision



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