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Over 6 months of intensive support and training, you will bring your career as a BCBA to the next level with increased competency and confidence and ALL areas relevant to your career.


Perfect for:

  • New BCBA's looking to increase their confidence in entering their career

  • Seasoned BCBA's looking to expand their foundational skills through a comprehensive course

  • Clinical Directors and BCBA Leaders looking for ideas to support and motivate their team of clinicians



In 6 months we will cover

The BCBA Career

In our first month, we will look at the different job settings for typical BCBA positions as well as company-related ethics that you may encounter, such as contracts, non-competes, and more.


Work/Life Balance

In our second month, we will help you achieve a better work/life balance by covering time management for all the tasks you have to juggle and how to motivate and manage your direct therapy staff.


Soft Skills & Supervision

Our third month will focus on the soft skills needed for our position as BCBA's and how to provide effective and high-quality supervision to BCBA students.


Assessments & Reports

Our fourth month will focus on the various assessment methods in ABA turning them into detailed reports to demonstrate medical necessity and reduce denials.


Programming & Parents

In our fifth month, we will discuss how to write objective goals and select programs to initiate and we will take a look at parent training and buy-in.


Ethics & Beyond

As we finish our six-month intensive, we will look at common ethical issues you may encounter over your career as well as a look at the field of behavior analysis outside the world of pediatric autism treatment.


ICW: BCBA Career Intensive

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