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If you're a new BCBA, or just need a strong set of resources to refocus your skills, THIS is it! Not only do you get access to a ton of forms and excel sheets to make your life easier, you also get 2 of our most popular CEU's to get you started out right!


This bundle includes:

Behavior Analyst Planner: Professional Edition ($75 value)

  • Spiral-bound 6-month planner with fill-in-the-date monthly and weekly views
  • Personal/professional behavior tracking
  • Monthly client summary sheets to track progress, hours, and more (16 per month)
  • Monthly quick behavior technician evaluations (20 per month)
  • End of month summary for clients AND techs
  • Notes pages


CEU: Providing Effective Supervision ($39 value)

  • Duration: 117 minutes
  • Credit: 2.0 supervision CEU's
  • Presenter: Melissa Druskis, M.S., BCBA, LBA
  • Description: This CEU will cover how to provide effective and ethical supervision to BCBA/BCaBA supervisees to meet the BACB requirements and create a future generation of competent ABA practitioners. We will discuss the ethics requirements regarding supervision, look at the requirements for the 4th and 5th edition task list, and explore some technology and resources that makes this easier for in-person or remote supervision. 


CEU: 7 Deadly Sins of Behavior Analysis ($19.50 value)

  • Duration: 61 minutes
  • Credit: 1.0 CEU
  • Presenter: Audrey Kennedy, M.S., BCBA
  • Description: This CEU will focus on the soft-skills that clinicians need in their work as BCBA's/BCaBA's. Somewhere along the way from an excited new student to the field of ABA to an experienced clinician, we may have fallen into some bad professional habits. This presentation will be reviewing those 7 Deadly Sins of Behavior Analysts, as written by Emaley McCulloch, M.Ed., BCBA, plus a BONUS deadly sin added by our presenter. Audrey will be discussing the phenomenon of these behaviors that we may engage in and offering alternative or replacement behaviors. By the end of the discussion, each participant may have an identified "sin" or behavior to leave behind and a plan for how to bring about an alternative/replacement behavior. 


Direct Therapy Supervision Evaluation ($20 value)

  • This supervision form will help you keep track of your therapists' skills and progress by evaluating their organization, teaching procedures, behavior management, interobserver agreement, and overall session.  You can print and fill out the form by hand or fill it out directly on the excel form.  It will also graph the therapist's progress and provide recommendations based on their score.  This form can be used for all of your staff members.


RBT Tracker ($20 value)

  • This RBT tracker will allow supervisors OR RBT's to ensure they are meeting the BACB requirements to maintain their certification. You can use it to track every hour worked by the RBT plus supervision, or just type in the RBT's total hours and track itemized supervision only. 
  • Also tracks RBT expiration date and provides a 12-month summary of hours and supervision activities.


5th ed BCBA Experience Hours Tracking ($30 value)

  • Unique tracking system for BCBA's using the BACB 5th ed experience standards. Help your students (or yourself) keep track of their independent and supervision hours for supervised or concentrated fieldwork hours. Built in formatting to highlight any errors such as too much or too few supervision hours, not enough client observations, not enough supervision %, and more.


5th ed Competency Evaluation ($40 value)

  • Use this competency evaluation to rate performance and knowledge based on the 5th edition task list. This automatically completes a grid of their scores over 4 evaluation periods to monitor progress over time and pinpoint areas to focus on.


Supervision Evaluations ($20 value)

  • Contains TWO evaluations:
  • Supervisee evaluation for the supervisor to objectively evaluate supervisees' performance.
  • Supervisor evaluation for the supervisee to evaluate the supervisor and effects of supervision.


Deposit Balance Sheet ($10 value)

  • Keep track of your balance and supervision activity with this deposit balance sheet. Enter their deposits and all instances of billable supervision. The balance will change from orange to red to black as the balance gets low and into the negative. 


5th ed Supervision Note ($5 value)

  • Word document to keep track of your supervision meetings. Works for remote or in-person supervision, includes all info needed for BACB 5th edition Experience Standards.


    Plus a FREE Supervision Contract and 5th to 4th ed Task List Comparision!


    BCBA Starter

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    $167.10Sale Price
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